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calendar May 2, 2023


Online Economic Activity
Comparison Between Taiwan and Japan in 2022

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COVID further catalyzed the spread of the Internet, and whether in Taiwan or Japan, people became more reliant on it as a result. This report analyzes online shopping, mobile payments, online banking, and other Internet economic activity in order to examine differences between Taiwan and Japan.

Key findings

  • Online Shopping

    In both Taiwan and Japan, there was not a huge difference in terms of the proportion of people who shop online between this year and last year. "Food, drinks, and meal vouchers," as well as "clothes, accessories," "makeup, and health products," are popular online products.

  • Mobile Payments

    Mobile payments are more heavily used in Taiwan than in Japan by 20%. In Japan, netizens use mobile payments primarily in real-world locations, while Taiwanese netizens use mobile payments in more varied settings.

  • Online Banking

    Around 80% of Taiwanese use online banking, while around 60% of Japanese use online banking. The older the age, the higher the proportion of those using web-based online banking.



Post-pandemic, book fairs and annual activities have returned to real-world spaces. Even so, the advantages of the online economy will not disappear, and so sales must take place both online and in real life. Membership systems that link online and offline are recommended as something that businesses should pay close attention to.

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